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ICE 7 Arc Star Floating Bluetooth Speaker ARK-7

Sold by: A Velasco
Retail Price: $169.00 Our price: $129.99 each

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Los Angeles CA

The ICE 7 Arc Star Levitating Bluetooth Speaker is a one-of-a-kind product that fuses design with technology, bringing you the best of both worlds with this leap in the genre of Bluetooth Speakers. The ICE 7 Arch portraits a galactic theme and amazing sound-quality, the Arc Star stands out from the crowd of regular Bluetooth speakers.

The ICE 7 Arc Star floats elegantly over the magnetic base. The speaker has a circular design with a 360° alignment, making the speaker play music more efficiently instead of regular front/top sided speakers. The speaker can also be used without the base as a portable Bluetooth speaker, it provides  8 hours on a full charge. The green illumination band around the speaker makes the ICE 7 Arc Star look astonishing when being used in the dark.

Magnetic Base with LED indicators

The magnetic base of the ICE 7 Arc Star is way more than just a magnetic base for balancing the floating speaker. The magnetic base comes with a port which charges your speaker ball directly so that it keeps floating while playing your favourites tracks for long hours. The base can be used to act as a powerhouse for your smartphones.